2018-2019 Annual Report

We've done a lot this year.

We want to share that with you.

Annual Report 2018-2019

Letter From Pastor

Concordia’s mission is building generations who live and love like Jesus.   That’s why we’ve committed to creating environments and experiences that bring generations together.    In 2010, we launched Concordia at Windingwalk, and we are starting to see some of the fruit of that strategy as the generations are growing up.

In addition to our traditional CLASSIC worship, we have developed a FAMILY worship experience  and family growth groups which have served as the primary connection point for young families.     Our preschool has grown to 250 students and our afterschool program reaches another 60 students.

As part of our continuing emphasis on bringing generations together in ministry, we called Alex Parker to coordinate family ministry at Concordia.  With prayer and logistical support from the entire congregation we also took our first ever family mission trip to Guatemala.

We recently completed a message series on Following Jesus    Our ministry strategy is developed  around 5 key steps in growing to live and love like Jesus:  Believe; Join the Mission; Invite a Friend; Choose Community; and Give Generously. 

This annual report will highlight how we did in each of those key areas in 2018-2019, as well as setting our ministry challenges for the coming year.  To jump directly to an underlined item of interest, click on that link.


How did we do in 2018-2019?

Average Attendance


(excluding Christmas and Easter)

Christmas Attendance


Easter Attendance





Challenge Goals for 2019-2020

10 Baptisms

130 Average Sunday attendance

15 Weekly "hits" on message podcasts/youtube message summary




Thanksgiving meal to the homeless

Concordia team: 20 people served

Day of the Child - Mexico

Concordia team: 5 people served



    Challenge Goals for 2019-20:

    • 50 people will participate in the # I SERVE initiative  in August.
    • We will pack 600 boxes for Operation Christmas Child
    •  We will assemble 50 packs of mercy for Day of the Child and 10 people from Concordia will serve in Mexico on the day of the event.
    •  20 people will participate in a Mission Trip to Guatemala in Spring 2021.


    The invitation:  "Come and see. Could it be for you?"

    First time guests

    (excluding Christmas and Easter)

     Classic - 27   Fam Jam - 97

    First time guests Christmas

    Classic - 20    Fam Jam- 31

    First time guests 


    Classic - 14    Fam Jam 57


    Challenge Goals for


    • 50 people from Concordia will make at least 1 invitation to Sunday worship at Concordia during the year.
    • 40 preschool and afterschool families will attend worship services at Concordia at least once.  At least 20 of those families will return for a second worship experience at Concordia.
    • We will distribute 2500 door hangers at Christmas and 2500 door hangers at Easter



    • 75 people were in Growth Groups 

    • 35% of people who worshiped at least twice during the year at Concordia participated in serving at Concordia.

    • 1 "Life Group" started.
    • EATS OUT and Movie Nights created intentional places for conversations with school families and with church people. 

    Challenge Goals

    • 100 people will be in Growth Groups 

    • 50% of people who worshiped at least twice during the year at Concordia will participate in serving.

    • 4 new "Life Groups" will be started. (More info HERE)




    Part of giving generously is using your time and talents to serve God


    • 35% of those who have worshiped at least twice during the past year are on a serving team.


    Another part of giving generously is using our financial resources to support God's work at Concordia:

    • Offerings are slightly down from 2017-2018. We budgeted $230,000 in regular offerings and are on track to finish the fiscal year with about $223,000 in regular offerings.

    Challenge Goals for 2019-2020:

    • 80% of giving units will increase their regular offerings.

    • Regular offerings will total $240,000

    • 80% of giving units will automate their regular offerings.

    • 50% of those who have worshiped at least twice during the past year will be on a serving team or participate in a service event, such as a work day. 


    Financial Record

    Special donations and other income

    We have a remaining principle balance of $6.5 million on our building loans.  In addition to being current on all our payments, in a year and a half we have paid down $367,000 in additional principle on our loans.


    $217,000 additional principle paid down


    $150,000 additional principle paid down through June 30th.

    Concordia Overview 

    Learning how to live and love like Jesus



    1695 Discovery Falls Drive, Chula Vista, CA




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